Saturday, August 25, 2007


I noticed on the news feed for KREM-2 (lower right hand of this blog) that a "Watchful Neighbor Stops Drug Deal With One Call." Give me a break!

Do you know how many times in the past nearly 11 years I have called the police on drug deals going down in the parking lots of KFC and Peking North, and they never showed up?

Do you know how many times they've shown up too late, or made enough of an entrance to the block in their patrol car that the dealers/buyers hid the goods by the time they were questioned?

What about that time a year ago August, when two doors down, the drunk twenty-somethings were firing a gun (target practice) in their backyard, and I called 911 five times over the course of three hours...and to my knowledge, the police never showed up?

My neighbors have similar stories. One involved an attempted breaking and entering, and the police wouldn't show up until the neighbor told 911 he was going to shoot the intruders himself.

This is not a bad neighborhood; it's a working class neighborhood with concerned, involved citizens.

Kudos to the guy on West Frederick who called the police, and kudos to the police for stopping the drug dealing in that neighborhood.

But what about ours?

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