Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Design

While this is a rather new blog, you may have noticed that there was a change in the design and colors today. The pixel painting in the upper right hand corner, with the plaid background, is a drawing I created using my Paint Shop Pro 6. And yes, it is of our least the way I want it to look when the front porch has been repaired, the exterior paint job finished, and new flowers planted. Right now it's still looking a little run down around the heels! I took a photograph of the house and using PSP drew over the house with digital paint, changed the colors, highlighted and added shadows, and then used a filter to create a plaid background. I'd love to get some stationery made with this printed on it...actually, I could print some myself! What do you think?


Jasia said...

I'm sorry to say that this is the first chance I've had to see your new blog so I missed the previous design. But I really like this one! What a cool graphic of your house... very classy!

This is such a great idea... having a blog for all the things you want to write about besides genealogy. I would love to do the same thing. That's actually how Creative Gene started out and then it evolved to a genealogy blog. But I'm afraid if I did a personal blog now I'd abandon my genealogy blog. A personal blog is so much more fun... less rules, more room for opinions, no worries about search engine rankings or Technorati values... it's tempting. But for now I have all I can do with my two blogs and my web design stuff. There are so many times though when I wish I could just chuck it all and just write... like I first started out.

I'll be following your new blog with envy. Congrats on the new beginning Miriam!

Miriam said...

Thank you, Jasia! I have loved your Creative Genealogy website and it has reminded me of how fun working with graphics is! I wish I knew how to do more than just pixels with PSP (well, I can do some other things other than pixel painting, but not much!

Thanks for visiting, and drop by again!

The footnoteMaven said...


I love your stationery idea with the house graphic. You did a great job. Several of the online printing places could do great cards for you at a good price. Printer ink is so costly.

Also like the new design – so different from your other blogs and that would be the point.

I hope all is well with your father-in-law you are all in my prayers.


Miriam said...

Maven, thank you for your kind words about the blog, and especially for keeping my father-in-law and the family in your prayers.

Take care!

David Hodges said...

Miriam, I don't know if it's a quirk of Firefox or my own particular monitor, but your entire sidebar, your titles in blue, and much else is utterly invisible to me. The blue-on-black sections only become visible if I can find a way to grab a bit of type and highlight it so that the text reverses to black-on-white.

Miriam said...

David, I am guessing that it is the resolution of your screen, and/or the contrast (light vs. dark) settings? My screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768, and 32-bit color quality, but I noticed on my laptop, the quality goes down (lower resolution).

I apologize that you can't view this very well...I have wondered if this would be a problem for some of my readers. I tried a few days ago to redo the background to a lighter color, but it didn't give me the great contrast I liked with the black.

I'll keep experimenting until I come up with something that's easy on the eyes AND gives my blog a look that I like.

Thanks for your comments!