Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I Lost Weight in 2010 and What I Recommend - Part VI

Don't give up. I've already shared how having a damaged knee and injured shoulder prevents or limits some of the exercise I would like to do. I was very discouraged when I was diagnosed in the Spring of 2010 with degenerative meniscus of the knee because I knew that I could really love running (which kind of surprised me!). I knew that in my dad's family, nearly everyone has problems with their knees, but many of them are also obese and were diagnosed with their knee problems in their 50s and 60s. So to be an active person who was diagnosed with this at age 43 was very frustrating. My doctor sat me down and explained that it was exactly because I was active that I had been diagnosed at a younger age. I have almost always had some sort of exercise program in place, even when my body shape and size has not reflected my activity. All that high-impact exercise of brisk walking and doing aerobic dance and step box exercises when I was younger damaged what genetically were always going to be weak knees. Fortunately, I had already discovered spinning and cycling to keep up a healthy, hard workout I needed. And now I can do my Walk Fit in-home DVDs and just minimize the part of the routine that can be high-impact by using alternative low-impact steps instead. I also am going to do snowshoeing because I believe that I can adapt that as a low-impact exercise as well.

I also went through an entire year (2009) of plateauing, weight-wise, where even though I was attending spin class two and three times a week, I only lost about 10 pounds that year. Looking back, I realize now that I should have been exercising three to four times a week instead and also eating better. I nearly gave up on ever losing weight again. But I chalk it all up to the most important weight-loss tip, knowing your body. I learned from it.

(To be concluded tomorrow)

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