Monday, July 2, 2007

Another Update on My Father-In-Law

Yesterday evening, we had a message from Norm's brother that he had called Norm's dad in the hospital and talked with him, and that his dad said he would like to hear from Norm. So Norm called his dad and talked with him for a little while. Norm was a little shook up afterwards; said his dad sounded just terrible; he couldn't remember Norm's brother calling him; and was confused and kept calling Norm by his brother's name at first. I reminded him that his dad is doped up on pain killers, has some oxygen deprivation (which is why he is on oxygen); has lost track of time; and is fighting some pain after he has had the painkillers reduced. Still, I know it is hard to see (or hear) a parent in a weakened state. It reminds us of our mortality, and how fragile life really is.

Norm then talked to his mother for a while. The doctors are fairly convinced that if his dad didn't have pneumonia, then he has had at least a severe infection. He won't be released from the hospital tomorrow as first expected, because of this infection. It will be a few more days. This has been really hard on Norm's mom, so please continue to keep both his parents in your thoughts and prayers...thanks!

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